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Preliminary activity:


Main activity: To learn some keywords!

Try to match up the words and definitions then copy them into your book and learn off by heart.

Why not make sure you know these words by doing this crossword?

Now, why don't you get one of your family or friends to test you so you're WORD PERFECT?



To write some questions that we would like to ask MOSES.

Imagine you have the chance to interview MOSES for the college newspaper.

Write down 5 questions that you would like to ask MOSES about
The Exodus.



To design logos for three different images of The People of God.

THE LIGHT TO THE WORLD — There is a lot of darkness in our world—poverty,
hunger, crime, loneliness, unemployment, depression etc. God’s people are
supposed to bring light into these situations—to bring hope to those who are sad.

THE WORLDWIDE BODY OF CHRIST—God’s people realise that Jesus has no hands on
earth now but ours! So, it is up to us, as the People of God, to reach out to those who are suffering in our world!

THE COMMUNION OF SAINTS—God’s people believe they are united with everyone who has ever believed in Jesus so, in every situation, they know they are not alone; that there are lots of wonderful people standing with them.

Design logos for each of these images of The People of God.



Preliminary activity: Use this activity to get you thinking about whether The Exodus is important today or not!

Main activity: To evaluate whether The Exodus is relevant today.

Do you think The Exodus Story is relevant today?

Give TWO reasons for your point of view.


To design a poster encouraging Catholics to receive the Sacrament of Reconciliation

At the sacrament of reconciliation, lots of things happen!
Here are some of them:

 the person REFLECTS on their sins and the impact they have had
 the person gets the chance to show CONTRITION (sorrow);
 the person receives ABSOLUTION (God’s forgiveness);
 the person receives SPIRITUAL HEALING;
 the person GETS RID OF FEELING GUILTY about their sins;
 the person feels they can make a NEW START in their life;
 the person feels that they can try again to LIVE LIFE IN ALL ITS FULLNESS.

Design a poster encouraging Catholics to receive the Sacrament of Reconciliation.


To develop an understanding of how the Bible encourages Catholics to forgive others

Copy and learn the following pieces of scripture which encourage Catholics to follow the example and teachings of Jesus in the Bible




Preliminary activity: Use this activity to get you thinking about whether total forgiveness is possible!


To evaluate the importance of forgiveness.

a) Do you agree? Give reasons for your answer.

b) Why might some people disagree with you?

(Include some of the teachings of Jesus in your answer!)


To revise for an Assessment Opportunity.

Use the materials in your Independent Learning Pack and your responses to REVISE for your Assessment Opportunity.