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Preliminary activity:


Main activity: To learn some keywords!

Try to match up the words and definitions then copy them into your book and learn off by heart.

Why not make sure you know these words by doing this crossword?

Now, why don't you get one of your family or friends to test you so you're WORD PERFECT?



To write some questions that we would like to ask Jesus.

Imagine you have the chance to interview Jesus for the CENTENAL—the college newspaper.

Write down 5 questions that you would like to ask Jesus about
growing up in 1st century Palestine



To design logos for three periods in history.

Do each of these activities then design a logo for each period of history:

Roman Britain Anglo-Saxon Britain Medieval Britain



Preliminary activity: Use this activity to get you thinking about whether is important or not!

Main activity: To evaluate whether history is important.

Do you think history is a waste of time?

Give TWO reasons for your point of view.


To design a poster encouraging Catholics to be confirmed

At the sacrament of confirmation, lots of things happen!
Here are some of them:

 the person receives a new name as a symbol of starting a new stage in their life;
 the person speaks for him/herself and confirms the holy promises (vows)
which were made for them when they were baptised as a baby;
 these vows involve rejecting Satan and believing in God the Father, Son and
Holy Spirit;

 the person becomes a full adult member of the church;
 the person receives the gifts of the Holy Spirit—e.g. knowledge, courage, understanding and wisdom (just like the disciples did at Pentecost!)
 the person is anointed with CHRISM—a scented oil—by the Bishop who says “Be sealed with the gifts of the Holy Spirit!”

Design a poster encouraging Catholics to be confirmed.


To develop an understanding of how the Bible encourages Catholics to live

Copy and learn the following pieces of scripture which encourage Catholics to follow the example and teachings of people in the Bible.




To evaluate whether you should only baptise adults.

a) Do you agree? Give reasons for your answer.

b) Why might some people disagree with you?



To revise for an Assessment Opportunity.

Use the materials in your Independent Learning Pack and your responses to REVISE for your Assessment Opportunity.